Fun Winter STEM Projects for Children

Winter is now in full swing, and with that comes snow, at least for the New York area. This means it’s inevitable that kids will occasionally have to stay home from school during bad weather.

To keep your children from feeling bored when they’re cooped up at home during winter snowstorms, we’ve compiled some of the most fun winter-themed STEM projects for children.

This website contains some fun STEM projects involving ice. Some activities include ice cube sculptures, magnetic ice, and more.


The STEAM Powered Family blog contains many creative and fun winter STEM projects, including a project that shows children how to create an ice lantern, an activity that examines the effects of salt on ice, a recipe for artificial snow (for those who live in warmer climates), and more.


This website contains links to creative ideas such as how to create crystalized evergreens, or how to study and record the life-cycle of a snowman.


The aptly named STEM Activities for Kids website offers information for creating snowflakes.

These websites provide a wealth of ideas on how to get your children involved in fun STEM projects, even when they’re not in the classroom.

Holiday Gifts for Engineers

This holiday season, KC wants to share our list of recommended holiday gifts for anyone in the engineering or surveying industry. These gifts range from appealing to an engineer’s and surveyor’s sense of humor to exhibiting the pinnacle of technological advancement that will be sure to impress any engineer or surveyor. Save the agonizing gift search and check out KC’s picks!

For Engineers:

Does an engineer in your family or friend group need a little more flair in their home or office space? This “Civil Engineer” road sign might be the perfect way to personalize their space. Check it out here.

For the civil engineer addicted to caffeine and always on-the-go, might we suggest this perfectly decorated travel mug?

Toys aren’t just for kids! This puzzle would be a great desk companion for any engineer in need of some low pressure, low stakes “cerebral stimulation.”

For Surveyors:

Let them wear their occupation with pride with this vintage land surveying t-shirt, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but demonstrates a keen knowledge of their career’s history.

Decorate their space with this antique survey patent print and make their office or living space look like a land surveying museum!

Jazz up any old suit with these land surveyor cuff links. This accessory is the perfect way to demonstrate passion for the job at work parties, client meetings, or job interviews!

For Both:

This portable coffee maker is perfect for the engineer or land surveyor who is frequently out in the field.

Is an engineer or surveyor in your family working dark, cold nights? Get them this practical, yet stylish, beanie with headlights!

This field bag is compact and contains all the right compartments. Check it out here.

For the engineer or land surveyor who seemingly has all the gadgets, get them this insanely unique perpetual calendar.

Happy shopping!

Village of Wappingers Falls Watershed Revitalization Project

This project involved a comprehensive study of point and nonpoint source pollution into the Wappinger Creek Watershed. The plan analyzed the 38-mile Wappinger Creek from its headwaters to Wappinger Lake in an effort to identify key contributors to pollutant-loading, which was deteriorating water quality and reducing the lake’s capacity for flood storage.

A sampling plan that covered the entire watershed was developed. A quality assurance program was developed to standardize testing protocols. Sampling was coordinated with annual DEC sampling efforts to maximize coverage and minimize costs.

The project term covered three years, including sampling in different seasons, development of new policies, and implementation of remediation programs.

After identifying where the pollutants, phosphorous, and silt/sediment were entering the creek, KC assisted the Village with identifying pilot green infrastructure implementation projects for design and construction.