4 Mixed-Use Developments to Watch For

Trump Tower, Millennium Tower, and Wilshire Grand Center—what do these buildings have in common? All followed the mixed-use development trend, where work, residential, and retail cohabit the same space.

These buildings have been around for decades, but the growing desire for better property management and new clientele has caused a recent surge in mixed-use development not only in the United States, but also around the world.

Here are some of the most noteworthy mixed-use projects in development:

1. Untitled Development, Singapore

This mixed-use development, marketed with a “work-live-play” concept, is slated to open in Singapore’s Central Business District in 2021.

The unique thing about this development is its incorporation of a public rain forest, garden paths, and an open-air garden about 100 meters above ground. The blend of environmentally friendly amenities like open-air oases along with residential units, fitness rooms, offices, and a food center will create an environment like none other for this development’s residents.

2. Riverfront Square Project, Newark, NJ

At $1.7 billion, the Riverfront Square Project in Newark, NJ consists of three mass timber buildings, the tallest being an 11-story office tower with the potential to become one of the U.S.’s tallest wooden buildings. In a valiant effort for sustainability, Michael Green Architecture chose timber over traditional steel or concrete, joining an ever-growing movement of environmentally conscious development.

Rather than combine “work-live-play” into one place, this mixed-use development will use three adjacent buildings to build a community of residential units, offices, and commercial space.

3. One Chicago Square, Chicago, Illinois

Once complete, One Chicago Square will be the sixth tallest building in Chicago. The $700 million development will include two skyscrapers at 49 and 76 stories, respectively, and feature an array of amenities like a grocery store, health club, retail stores, and a restaurant, together with over 800 residential units.

4. W350, Tokyo, Japan

Twenty-three years from now, Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd plans to erect the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper in honor of their 350th anniversary. While the project is more than two full decades away, the sheer enormity of the development, estimated at a whopping $5.6 billion and 350 meters tall, is enough to catch anyone’s attention.

In this mixed-use development, W350 will combine residential, commercial, and office space into 70 stories of wood and steel.