Engineering a Spooky Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween and KC has some spooky tips for turning your night into a scientific whirlwind of magically water-carving pumpkins, impossibly realistic robotic snakes, and glow-in-the-dark treats!

Below are some pointers for how to create the perfectly engineered Halloween:

Engineer your Jack-O-Lantern:

Toss the knives aside and carve your pumpkin with a 60,000-psi water jet. This jet uses high water pressure to cut a variety of materials and does not interfere with the material’s inherent structure in the process.

Engineer your Halloween costume:

Create this slithering Medusa headpiece made from Arduino-powered robotic arms. The Arduino system, an open-source electronics platform, is attached to the top of an old bike helmet and its power fuels the movements of the robotic snakes.


Engineer your treats:

Cook up a dish of glow-in-the-dark jello with tonic water, jello mix, sugar, and cold water. Did you know that tonic water naturally glows under an ultraviolet light? This is because it contains quinine. Choose your spooky-shaped mold, prepare your batch, bathe your treat beneath a black light, and enjoy!

Engineer a spooky atmosphere:

Conjure up these boo bubbles, water and dish-soap-based bubbles filled with vapor from dry ice. All you’ll need is an empty 2-liter water bottle, warm water, a few pieces of dry ice, heavy duty gloves for protection, a utility blade, a cup, and a towel. These bubbles are long lasting as they do not pop when immediately reaching a surface. Once they do burst, a slow, mysterious fog is released, creating a truly haunting scene.

From all of us at KC:

Happy Halloween!