Circleville Park

Project Info

  • Discipline

    Land Development

  • Additional Disciplines

    Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Wastewater Treatment, Land Surveying, Municipal Engineering, Water Supply

  • Location

    Circleville, NY

This project consisted of redeveloping the underutilized Circleville Park within the Town of Wallkill by creating a complete Recreation Center. The park, previously a nunnery, had housed the Town’s Boys and Girls Club offices. The building had to be demolished due to the condition. KC designed new office space using modular building construction technology. The building was adapted to work with the significant grade change on-site to provide an office space for the Boys and Girls Club operations upstairs and a recreation center in the lower level. By using modular technology, the building construction was expedited to allow conformance within the tight building schedule irrespective of the upcoming winter season. The 3,400 SF building includes office space for the Boys and Girls Club operations upstairs and a recreation center on the lower level. The lower level also contains two public restrooms and a lifeguard shower to be used by the public visiting the adjacent lake. The building also includes these additional features designed by KC:

  • Superior walls modular foundation system;
  • Epoxy-coated floors;
  • Fully sprinklered for safety;
  • Fully equipped kitchen;
  • Conference room;
  • 1,500 feet flex space for Boys and Girls Club activities;
  • Separate HVAC systems for lower and upper levels; and
  • A UV water treatment system.

A significant challenge of this project was conforming to the tight project schedule, which required construction to be performed through the winter months. By utilizing the modular construction approach, KC was able to deliver the project to the Town on time, allowing the Boys and Girls Club to move in at the end of their existing off-site lease.

Another building, a 7,600 SF gymnasium, was designed to provide indoor recreation and training space for the Town’s multiple club programs as well as the Boys and Girls Club programs. The recreation building is heated with in-floor radiant heat and the building is fully sprinklered for safety. KC also performed all site development design work for the project including grading, parking, access roads, drainage, and landscaping. The project was bid using five separate contracts, with contract administration and construction inspection services all provided by KC.

Beyond the typical challenges facing a municipal project (such a budgetary constraints), this project had other physical challenges. A significant grade change existed on-site as well as a small lake used for swimming. An additional challenge was setting the 34’ tall 7,600 SF gymnasium structure in the wooded setting without looking imposing. KC made this challenge an advantage by using the grade change to build a walkout lower level and blend the much taller gymnasium with its surroundings.