Raw Sewage Pump Replacement

Project Info

  • Category

    Wastewater Treatment

  • Additional Disciplines

    Municipal Engineering, Civil Engineering

  • Location

    Wallkill, NY

As part of this project, KC provided consulting services for the replacement of 3 shaft-driven 60HP raw sewage pumps with dry pit immersible pumps. KC worked closely with the Plant Operators to select a pump system that minimizes the dangerous maintenance tasks involved with the extended drive shaft. The project also included a complete rehabilitation of the pump room, including sandblasting and painting of the piping, new valving, and an epoxy floor finish. A new motor control center and control system was also designed and installed as part of the project. The Town’s electrical demands have seen a significant reduction since the installation of the new, more efficient pumps. The Town maintenance employees have expressed satisfaction with the significant reduction in noise and dangerous maintenance tasks involved with the old pumping system. Services included the engineer’s report, preparation of contract documents, design drawings, construction inspection, and engineering support services during startup.