Contract MED609: REI Services for Installation of Water Mains, NYCDDC

Project Info

  • Category

    Construction Claims & Engineering Audits

  • Location

    Manhattan, NY

The purpose of this project was to install water mains and appurtenances to connect the water distribution system to shafts 24B, 25B, 27B, and 30B. The project scope of work included the installation of trunk and distribution water mains of varying sizes, new valves, regulators, chambers, sewers of varying sizes, and reconstructed catch basins. The audit included review of consultant’s, contractor’s, and other vendor’s billings, prices for goods or services, invoices, disbursements, and payroll records for discrepancies. KC provided a report with our findings at the end of each audit assignment. All audits, financial and financial-related, compliance, direct, and indirect cost audits were performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.