Various FEMA Flood Elevation Surveys

Project Info

  • Discipline

    Land Surveying

  • Location

    Various Locations, NY

The KC survey department routinely provides FEMA Elevation Certificate services, which includes field data acquisition of pertinent elevations of the structures (slab, basement, first floor, engineered flood openings, equipment pedestals, LAG, HAG, etc.).

KC has also provided base mapping for various municipal/agency flood mitigation projects, including GPS control and echosounding on the Erie Canal (FEMA  map modernization initiative); topographic and hydrographic modeling for the Minisceongo Creek Nor’Easter repair project for the Rockland County DPW; bathymetric, GPS, and topographic services for Metro North Railroad on the Hudson Line in failed embankment areas; and photogrammetric ground control and aerial map editing for a Waterford, NY GOSR-funded feasibility study.