Professional Engineers Day: August 2nd


August 2nd, 2017 is Professional Engineers Day and KC wants to celebrate by sharing our thoughts on the importance of obtaining your P.E. license, and by recognizing and thanking KC’s own professionally-licensed engineers who work hard to provide excellent engineering and design services to our clients every day!

According to the National Society of Professional Engineers, in order to obtain a P.E. license, an engineer must “complete a four-year college degree, work under a Professional Engineer for at least four years, pass two intensive competency exams, and earn a license from their state’s licensure board.” The process is intensive for good reason: once an engineer becomes certified, they are able to sign, seal, and submit engineering plans, establish their own engineering businesses, stay protected during industry downsizing, and earn higher pay. Earning a Professional Engineering license also demonstrates a strong drive, eagerness, and commitment to professional growth and improvement within the industry.

Below is a list of KC engineers who hold a Professional Engineering license. Thank you for your dedication to the industry!

  • Ahmad Awan, P.E.
  • Andy Lalchandani, P.E.
  • Jerry Bashualdo, P.E.
  • Julian Llorente, P.E.
  • Jamil Yousef, P.E.
  • Kelli Capka, P.E.
  • Kamal Kishore, P.E.
  • Mansukh Jariwala, P.E.
  • Michael Tamigi, P.E.
  • Nancy Clark, P.E.
  • Rajashekar Ravilla, P.E.
  • Ram Sharma, P.E.
  • William Lipski, P.E.