Contract 212-0613: Wappingers Dam

The scope of work included an in-depth inspection of the dam structure; preparation of construction documents, plans, and specifications for the rehabilitation of the dam; assistance in the bidding process; and construction inspection and management services.

In the design stage, KC prepared design reports including findings, recommendations, and a detailed repair plan. KC prepared an estimate and technical specifications, provided pre-bid services including conduction of a pre-bid conference, responded to requests for clarification as needed, performed a bid analysis complete with recommendations, and distributed final construction documents and bid documents.

In the construction stage, KC conducted and documented a pre-construction meeting, performed construction inspection visits, held progress meetings with the on-site contractor, responded to requests for clarification, reviewed and processed the contractor’s submittals, performed a final inspection of the completed work, prepared a punch list, and performed a final walkthrough to verify its completion.