Design-Build Contract D800002: Cashless Tolling

This design-duild project involved the design and construction of cashless tolling on the New York State Thruway ticketed system from approximately Thruway Exits 16 to 61 (MP 45.00 to MP 496.00), which saved travel time, reduced traffic, and minimized greenhouse gas emissions, benefiting the approximately 267 million vehicles that travel the Thruway each year.

The work varied on a site-by-site basis. Work generally consisted of the strategic and cost effective placement of gantries, the removal of toll plazas, the reduction (in most locations) of the infrastructure footprint, positive separation of opposing traffic, signing, striping, design and construction modifications of super elevations to accommodate higher speeds through the gantry and modified toll plaza areas, landscaping, electronic work, communication buildings, tandem lot access modifications or closures or relocations, drainage work, pavement work, coordination with and/or preservation of existing utilities, asbestos and hazardous material abatement, and/or solutions to provide safe ingress and egress to and from the Thruway System.

The Cashless Tolling Constructors, LLC team, which included KC and Stantec Consulting Services Inc. partnered as Lead Designer, was selected as the Best Value Team for this project. KC led the structural engineering team, with work that included providing design for four different types of gantries; generators / mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP); and communication buildings, including tie-in points to existing power and fiber sources, adequate parking space, and safe access for maintenance personnel.

KC also performed quality management, surveying, and civil and utility engineering services.

The cashless tolling system “went live” in November 2020, more than a month ahead of schedule, and toll booth removals, asbestos and hazardous material abatement, and final construction work followed in 2021.