Expert Techniques

KC’s land surveying group is a leading provider of boundary and topographic surveying, base mapping, right-of-way (ROW) mapping with GPS control, and geographic information system (GIS) services.

We continue to invest in the latest developments in GPS technology and personnel training as part of our commitment to provide quality service at competitive rates. We have in-house capabilities for performing Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and analysis, word processing, and cost estimating. Real Time Kinematic (RTK) surveying and differential rapid static GPS are our preferred methods for performing a variety of surveying services such as construction layouts, topographic and as-built surveys, wetland locations, aerial photo control, and hydrographic surveys.

KC’s newest pieces of survey equipment, our laser scanners, allow us to pick up the full detail of roadway corridors with minimal impacts to the traveling public. The scanners' capabilities cut field time in half and produce high-quality and detailed survey plans.

Dedication to Accuracy

KC’s survey personnel collect geographically-referenced positions along with attributes that are easily recorded utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Output formats include the most popular engineering, mapping, and GIS software packages. KC’s land surveying group consists of dedicated professional land surveyors, party chiefs, instrument people, GIS technicians, draftsmen, engineering technicians, and CAD operators with experience researching and recording all types of survey data and with extensive experience out in the field in varying terrains and weather.

Our surveying and mapping group is adept at providing the full range of services for the lifetime of a survey project, including project coordination, record research and preparation, field survey, data processing and mapping, and project review and closeout. Our survey division philosophy is heavily based on our commitment to cross training staff in field and office work requirements to ensure that we adequately address project needs and provide ample opportunities to expand working knowledge.


  • Aerial Photogrammetry Control
  • American Land Title Association (ALTA) & American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) Standards
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Automated & Semi-Automated Vectorization
  • Conversion of Hard-Copy Source Information
  • Deeds & Records Research
  • Digital Depth Sounders & GPS Receivers
  • Digital Land Base Mapping
  • DTM to Compile Topographic Mapping
  • Dynamic Three-Dimensional Terrain Modeling
  • Environmental Surveys
  • FAA 1A / 2C Certifications
  • Ground Control Surveys & Field Verifications
  • Geodetic Networks for GIS Databases
  • GPS Coordination
  • High Definition (HD) Laser Scanning
  • Monumentation
  • Planimetric & Topographic Data for GIS
  • ROW Mapping
  • Sun & Star Shots
  • Survey Plans, Reports, & Legal Descriptions
  • Topographic, Utility, & Deformation Surveys
  • Traditional Conversion Option / Board Digitizing / Tracing Paper Source Documents
  • USGS Level 1 & Level 2 DTMs
  • Vertical Controls / Benchmarks