What is design-build?

Design-build is a project-delivery system newly adopted in New York consisting of a joint bid by a construction firm and a design firm. This is in contrast to the design-bid-build process, by which a design firm will sell a design to a client, who is then largely responsible for the procurement of construction services. Design-build is a cost-saving operation for the client, usually resulting in higher value for all parties involved. Unlike design-bid-build, in which the designer is awarded the project after a conceptual proposal, design-build typically sees teams shoulder most or all of the cost of full practical design development. This full design is included in the final proposal, and a winning team is awarded the project. KC takes design-build projects extremely seriously, and is eagerly pursuing teaming opportunities.

KC has highly-qualified personnel with experience appropriate for design-build projects, including Design and Quality Managers; Lead Structural, Civil, Utility, and Hydraulic Engineers; Design Survey Managers; and all support staff. We also assign a Design Team Coordinator to each design-build project to manage the proposal process and project progress.

Here’s a quick look at KC’s design-build experience:

  • Ulster County Bridge Replacement, NYSDOT: This was a $55M project to replace the 3-span continuous steel girder bridge carrying Route 209 over Rochester Creek and the 7-span continuous steel girder bridge carrying Route 28 over Esopus Creek. KC was the Lead Designer and our team was the Best Value selection – we had the highest technical score and our overall technical + cost score was 100. This project was completed ahead of schedule.
  • Westchester County Bridge Replacement, NYSDOT: This was an $85M project replacing the East 3rd Street Bridge over the Hutchinson River Parkway and 2 bridges carrying the Saw Mill River Parkway over the Saw Mill River. KC was the Lead Designer and was a member of one of the three teams, from nine total, shortlisted for the project. Despite high technical scores, our team ultimately was not selected.
  • Dutchess and Columbia Counties Bundled Bridges, NYSDOT: This was a $25M project replacing 6 structures over various water streams, including 1 box culvert, 3 single-span steel girder bridges, 1 single-span concrete box beam bridge, and 1 single-span rigid frame bridge. KC was the Lead Designer and was a member of one of the four teams shortlisted for the project. Despite receiving the highest technical score, our team was not selected.
  • Park Avenue Viaduct, MTA: This $5.5M project was for the structural replacement of damaged steel columns. KC was the Lead Designer of the selected team, and we completed the design at an accelerated schedule of 2 weeks to allow the contractor to meet aggressive project milestones.
  • Morgan Farm Arena, West Point: This $1.5M project is for the design-build of a horse barn/arena at West Point. KC is the Lead Designer of the selected team, with the project currently ongoing.
  • Tappan Zee Bridge, NYSTA: KC was a design consultant on the $4B New NY Hudson River Crossing Tappan Zee Bridge project, providing structural engineering and CAD support.

With all that experience, what makes KC a good partner for design-build projects?

Our Track Record and Talent. Our design personnel and narratives always score high. On our last debriefing, our key personnel received no negative comments. Our Design Team Coordinators are design-build proposal compliance experts—ensuring our team maximizes our technical score.

Our Certifications. KC is DBE and ISO 9001:2015 certified, allowing the KC Team to gain DBE credit for design and develop refined, approved quality control plans following the ISO quality management system.

But most importantly, our in-house services make us a valuable partner on any team. We have over 100 employees skilled and able to provide structural, civil, utility, and hydraulic engineering; permitting; design survey; quality control; and any other related or required service for a design-build project. Our staff are committed and experienced, and their skill shows in our success.

If you are interested in pursuing design-build projects with KC and would like to learn more about our experience or discuss potential teaming opportunities, please contact us at info@kcepc.com.

NYSDOT, Ulster County Bridge Replacement, Route 28

NYSDOT, Ulster County Bridge Replacement, Route 209

New NY Bridge. Photo credit: New York State Thruway Authority