Contract RFP-DPW01-16: Engineering Construction Inspection Services

KC provided inspection services to the Orange County Department of Public Works (DPW) on an as-needed basis for various construction projects for the installation of sewer, water and gas mains, and boring and jacking of sleeves across various County roads and County infrastructures. KC inspectors were responsible for monitoring the excavation and backfilling with field soil testing, installation of water mains and sewer collection systems, and inspection of maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) and safety requirements, as well as preparing daily inspection reports including calculations, sketches, and pay quantities.

Projects included:

  • Skyview Sewer Project, Monroe, NY: Installation of approximately 7,800 feet of sewer piping, 40 manholes, 80 house connections, and any appurtenances for completion. This project allowed homeowners to tie their homes into the Harriman Sewage Treatment Plant.
  • Catskill Aqueduct Connection Project, Phase 1 Transmission Main, Kiryas Joel, NY: Construction of 36,000 feet of 24-inch water transmission main from the Town of Cornwall on NYS Route 32 to the Village of Kiryas Joel.
  • Sanitary Sewer Main Relocation for Kiryas Joel Auditorium, Kiryas Joel, NY: Relocation of approximately 300 feet of sewer and appurtenances related to the piping as part of a new auditorium.
  • UTA Girls High School, Kiryas Joel, NY: Installation of new sewer and water mains for construction of a new high school.
  • Vintage Vista, Kiryas Joel, NY: Installation of utilities (water, sewer, sewer service connection, and gas mains) for a 50-lot single-family housing development.
  • Ridge Top Estates, Monroe, NY: Installation of utilities on-site and off-site (water, sewer, sewer service connection, and gas mains) for a 75-lot single-family housing development.
  • Harriman Wastewater Treatment Plant, Harriman, NY: Replacement of draft tube for air dispersion system, channel cleaning, and rehabilitation of scum thickening tank.