Contract C3-7356-02-01: Phase III and IV Sewer Rehabilitation

Phase III of the rehabilitation of the KLSD sanitary sewer collection system required relining 11,300 feet of pipe, repairing 53 concrete block manholes, and replacing 58 shoreline pipe laterals from residences to the collector pipes. Phase IV required replacing 4,352 feet of northern interceptor pipes, repairing or replacing 9 manholes, and replacing 21 lateral pipes.

KC provided field survey of the project site; provided manhole inspections, focusing primarily on factors contributing to inflow and deformation of manhole caps and seals; prepared a report with findings and recommendations for repair or replacement and opinions of probable construction cost; and completed SEQR forms while assisting the Town Board in satisfying SEQR requirements. KC also prepared contract plans, including construction plans, sewer profiles, baseline ties and working points, construction details, specifications, and cost estimates.