Getting to Know KC’s Engineers

While we don’t often think about it, engineers are at the heart of our everyday lives. They’re the ones responsible for designing our worlds, from the water we drink and the roads we travel to the faucets we run and the cars we drive. It takes a special kind of person to be an engineer, someone dedicated to using their skills and knowledge to develop solutions to everyday problems. We chatted with some of our engineers to learn why they entered the field:

“I studied engineering because I wanted an academic challenge that would ultimately prepare me for employment and a career. I selected civil engineering because I like practical three-dimensional solutions. I chose consulting as I wanted to find varied projects and I have. At 30 years into my career, I still enjoy finding practical solutions. I also enjoy being an advisor to clients and a mentor to staff.” – Nancy Clark, Civil Engineer

“My fascination with miniature/model structures and Legos is what inspired me to want to build or design structures as a young kid. I was also fortunate enough to have great guidance and encouragement to pursue becoming an engineer at a young age.” – Julian Llorente, Structural Engineer

“Very early on in my life, I was always fascinated with taking things apart and finding out how they worked;  bicycles, appliances, computers, etc. Guided by family, many of which were active in the science, engineering, and technology fields, I enrolled in a general engineering curriculum, finding out quickly that the civil branch appealed to me the most. By far, the most rewarding thing about my chosen career is watching the projects I’ve designed being constructed, from the first day of land clearing to witnessing the completed works opening for the start of a new business endeavor or a house for a new family to move into.” – Christian Moore, Civil Engineer

“I found the career of building infrastructure and solving the problems associated with that interesting and challenging.” – Steve Liao, Structural Engineer

“My interest in engineering began with seventh grade woodshop, where newly acquired skills allowed me to begin experimenting with designing and building, with functionality being the goal. The hands-on aspects of technology class, combined with a preference for math and science, led me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in engineering.” – Mike Tamigi, Electrical Engineer

“I grew up in a large and poor family, I had to build my own toys. I guess that made me believe there is always a solution, I just have to look for it.” – Jamil Yousef, Structural Engineer