Intricacy and Care

KC’s wastewater treatment group has designed, observed construction of, and assisted with operation of over 70 facilities. We work with government, industrial, and private clients to meet a full range of wastewater related needs. We approach each project with innovative and creative expertise to deliver comprehensive engineering services that solve the most intricate wastewater challenges from concept through design, construction, and operation.

In addition, KC has designed, supervised the construction of, and/or evaluated more than 30 industrial wastewater treatment systems. These include rendering plants, dairy wastes, poultry and egg processing, commercial laundry, metal plating, chemical, winery, and food processing systems. Our wastewater services help increase capacity and improve the performance of existing treatment facilities. KC strives to meet strict water discharge policies, conserve energy, and reduce environmental impact. We serve municipal wastewater facilities, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, residential developments, and schools.

Experienced in All Aspects

KC’s wastewater treatment group consists of skilled wastewater, water, civil, and environmental engineers as well as proficient plant designers with experience in all aspects of wastewater collection, supply, and treatment, including wastewater treatment plants, sewers, and pump stations.


  • Activated Sludge Plants
  • Collection Systems & Pump Stations
  • Community Liaising
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Support During Construction
  • Detailed Design
  • Environmental Analyses
  • Infiltration / Inflow Reduction
  • Master Planning
  • Membrane Bioreactor Plants
  • O&M Manual Drafting
  • Odor Control
  • SCADA / Computer Observation & Control Design
  • Septage Receiving Stations
  • Technical Support for Plant Operation & Training