Road Cleanup 2015

Twice a year, the KC Circleville office comes together to perform roadside clean-up services along Goshen Turnpike. The cleanup is an important act of service for KC, as we continuously strive to better our surrounding community and promote environmental health. Here are some pictures of our employees from our Spring and Fall 2015 cleanups.

Town of Bethel Receives Grant Funding from the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation

The Town of Bethel, with the assistance of KC Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C. (KC) as Town of Bethel Town Engineers, has successfully applied for and received two zero-interest loans from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) section of the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (NYSEFC) for the Town.

This refinancing of approximately $3.5 million in loans, which are presently at market rates and will now be interest-free for up to 30 years, will allow the Town of Bethel to realize important savings on 2 critical projects for the Town’s wastewater infrastructure.

The first project is the Phases 1 and 2 rehabilitation of the Kauneonga Lake Sewer Collection System, which was constructed in the 1940s and is in need of repair. The second project is the construction of a new septage receiving station to supplement the Town’s wastewater plant’s organic processes and bring the plant up to optimal working condition. Both projects were designed and overseen by KC, and the loans are expected to close in December of this year.

“This critical funding from the NYSEFC will allow the Town of Bethel to complete projects needed to ensure that our community has an affordable, sturdy, and sustainable wastewater system that will last for generations,” said Town of Bethel Supervisor Mr. Daniel Sturm.

Town of Wallkill Receives Cost-Saving Infrastructure Hardening Grant and Loan

KC Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C. (KC), as Town of Wallkill Consulting Engineers, has successfully applied for and received a 25% grant and 75% zero interest loan through a grant program funded by the Federal Disaster Relief Appropriations Act designed to fund projects that reduce future storm damage risk and enhance resiliency for natural disasters.

As the Town was presently working on a project to modernize its water system and provide a centralized data acquisition and management system, KC researched the grant and loan to see if the Town qualified and aided in the application process for the modernization project.

A system-wide modernization and installation of a supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) has been installed to monitor all of the facilities that serve the Wallkill Consolidated Water District, which will allow for faster emergency response times and remote monitoring of critical system processes. This project, which received about $716,000 in grant funding and about $2.2 million from a zero interest loan, will be completed in the fall of 2015.

This will provide the Town with a net financial benefit of $2 million, between the grant funding and loan interest savings, on a project that was already planned and being implemented. The Town is currently pursuing a second project through this program, which will provide emergency water through interconnections to adjoining water systems. This project will provide water connectivity to the Town of Wallkill, Village of Goshen, and City of Middletown to increase their resiliency in the face of natural disasters and other emergencies.

"This grant and loan funding from the Federal Disaster Relief Appropriations Act will allow not only the Town of Wallkill to improve our water infrastructure through our water modernization project, but will also allow the Town of Wallkill, Village of Goshen, and City of Middletown to become more resilient to water emergencies through the water interconnectivity project," said Town of Wallkill Supervisor Mr. Daniel Depew. "If a natural disaster or some kind of water emergency occurs, all three municipalities will be able to utilize the adjoining water systems to provide for the water needs of its residents."

​​​NYSERDA NY Prize Stage 1 Grant Award

Congratulations to the Village of Wappingers Falls / KC Team in receiving funding from NYSERDA's NY Prize Competition in Stage 1. The Village intends to use this generous grant to increase its resiliency in the face of natural disasters and emergencies and to improve Village infrastructure overall. This Stage 1 award gives us the opportunity to conduct feasibility studies. At the end of this stage, there will be further competition for Stage 2, Design, and Stage 3, Construction.

In the 42nd volume, 6th issue of the Hudson Valley Hornet, a Dutchess County newspaper created by Charles McCluskey, Village of Wappingers Falls Mayor Matt Alexander talks about upcoming projects in the Village utilizing the grant money it recently was awarded from the NY Prize, Stage 1. We look forward to the many successful projects ahead of us!

To read more, you can download the article below.

Click here to learn more about our award, and to read more about the NY Prize overall.