West Point Morgan Farms Arena Design-Build Project

KC is designing an indoor riding arena to meet the needs of West Point Military Academy’s Association of Graduates and its equestrian teams.

The West Point Equestrian team is currently served by excellent outdoor facilities but requires the stability of an indoor arena to take the team to the next level, by providing uninterrupted practice time during inclement weather.

The nearly 20,000 square foot metal frame indoor arena will include dust-free performance horse footing material for soft and controlled riding and will allow for the boarding of horses, with new stables and wash stalls.

The horses will be housed in a 2,700 square foot stable capable of housing 20 horses. The stable will feature three wash stalls, two tack rooms, and a feed storage room.

Access to the stables has been designed for ease of maintenance, with straight access routes and large doorways. Complete equestrian amenities are encompassed in the design, including locker rooms, tack, feed, and competition jump storage.

The arena design will utilize energy-efficient lighting, new efficient mechanical appliances, and a building layout created to allow for ease of maintenance, with straight layouts for tractor access.

The arena will include a 1,100 square foot temperature-controlled tiered viewing area, announcer’s booth, guest viewing, full restrooms, locker room changing facilities, and a sound system for the hosting of equestrian events and competitions.

The new facility will provide a place for cadets to take riding lessons, provide needed space for the equestrian team, allow for year-round training, and be accessible to the entire West Point community. Overall it will allow for the future growth of West Point’s equestrian activity.