Infrastructure Week, Day 3: Transit

Public transit is a staple of our nation that continues to grow yearly despite the fact that it remains neglected and radically underfunded. American transit systems carry billions of people a year via trains, commuter buses, ridesharing services, and more. These systems mainly provide transportation in urban areas and are also vital in many rural areas across the county. In the past few years, we’ve seen major train derailments, non-passengers killed in transit-related accidents, and damaged infrastructure as a result of natural disasters. The resilience of outdated, unreliable infrastructure is tested each day.

For us to receive the full functionality of national transit systems, we need not only transit vehicles, but sufficient infrastructure like traffic signals, train tracks, and roadways to successfully carry and guide these vehicles. However, with lack of funding, years of deferred maintenance, and aging infrastructure, our public transit systems continue to suffer.

At KC Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C. (KC), our civil engineering services include roadway and highway design, traffic engineering, lighting design, and other services that are utilized to maintain and improve transit operations. KC has provided construction inspection with a wide variety of tasks, including replacement of bridge and mounting tube railings, design assessment for rehabilitation of railroad bridges, and traffic calming and street lighting design near transit facilities.