Tri-Municipal Sewer Commission Pump Station Odor Control Project

KC was tasked with finding a means of resolving the issue of sewage odors being emitted outside the bar screen building at the Village of Wappingers Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant.

There are various methods of removing odors caused by wastewater from the air. KC recommended a drum-style air scrubber be installed, maintained, and operated by the plant operators. This type of system consists of an inlet, a drum containing the media with a fan, and an outlet. The media is located in the drum, and air is forced up through the media to be treated; air is then released back into the room. This system runs continuously, reducing the odor of the building should the ventilation fans need to turn on during an alarm condition.

KC reviewed the bids and is coordinating the installation and electrical work with the operators. KC is also overseeing the construction management.