STEM Activities for Kids to Enjoy During Quarantine

For kids who hated to wake up and get ready for school, the recent stay-at-home orders likely seemed like a welcome break from the normal routine. But, even for the children who were not fans of the daily school routine, after being stuck at home for over a month, the novelty has likely long since worn off.

Not to worry, we have compiled a list of fun activities and websites that can help stave off boredom for at least the next few weeks.

  1. Dr. Kate Biberdorf (Kate the Chemist), on the Today website, offers up recommendations for two science experiments for kids, including the creation of homemade puffy slime.
  2. The Legends of Learning website is currently offering access to free math and science games.
  3. has listed a roundup of activities and resources available to supplement home learning during the coronavirus pandemic.
  4. The James Dyson Foundation, an organization aimed at raising up and educating the next generation of engineers in the United Kingdom (UK), is offering 44 science challenges, available for download, on its website.
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has created a website that offers education for kids in the area of artificial intelligence (AI).
  6. Bonus for parents: Check out this article on what Google is doing to launch a new category of apps in the Google Play Store called, “Teacher Approved”. When you download any of these apps, which can be found within the Kids tabs in the Play Store, you can rest assured that these apps have been pre-approved by educators.

Being stuck at home does not have to be boring. It can be an opportunity for kids to engage in the kind of fun educational activities they would not otherwise have time for. And best of all, they get to enjoy these activities while spending quality time with you.