Overnight Freight/UPS Freight Project

The site is located along the northerly side of County Route 99 in Montgomery, NY. The parcel also abuts Interstate 84 to the north. Regional Builders, Inc. constructed a 93,500-SF freight transfer facility. During the approval process, three wells were drilled. Two of the wells were dry wells. The third well was drilled to a depth of 500 feet with 80 feet of casing. The facility has an average water demand of 2,550 GPD and a maximum water demand of 5,200 GPD.

All water quality parameters were within the recommended limits for drinking water, except for chloride and hardness levels. KC designed a treatment system to treat the water for the chloride levels that were found in the water with a reverse osmosis system. The overall system includes a green sand filter as well as a water softener for hardness reduction to pretreat the water prior to the reverse osmosis system duplex softening system in the treatment building. A separate treatment building at the facility site houses the green sand filter, water softeners, reverse osmosis system, hypochlorinators, chlorine contact tank, and the variable-speed pumping system. The water quality, after treatment for chloride, is now acceptable according to New York State Department of Health standards.