Water System Modernization Project

This project’s goal was to provide a supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) to monitor all of the facilities that serve the Wallkill Consolidated Water District, which will allow for faster emergency response times and remote monitoring of critical system processes.

The scope of this project and the interdependence of the facilities in the Wallkill Consolidated Water District required close attention to the order in which the work was performed. The first hurdle was to begin the project quickly enough to properly evaluate the communication viability, before the tree cover was lost. Next, it was critical that the facilities not be taken offline during the construction process, which demanded that both the general and electrical contractors maintain close communication with each other, KC, and the Wallkill water operators. By maintaining a strict order of tasks, water service interruption was avoided.

KC managed the construction process for this project, including the bid and submittal processes, shop drawing review, construction inspection, and supervision of additional inspectors. KC also worked extensively on documenting the project progress, which included as-built plans, and creating a detailed map and description of the Town of Wallkill’s newly modernized consolidated water district.