LEGO Summer Camps for Little Big Engineers

Are LEGOs one of your child's favorite toys? If so, you may have a little big engineer in the making.

According to, “the name ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words ‘leg godt,’ meaning ‘play well’."

LEGOS are defined as a development toy comprising of interlocking plastic structure squares.

LEGOs are not just pieces of construction blocks that come in different colors and / or shapes or just a method of entertainment for children. LEGOs help children explore their creative sides. In addition, they can be tools that help children identify the career choices they want to achieve as an adult. For example, LEGOs can help children identify if they want to become architects or engineers.

For most children, the end of a school year and the beginning of summer vacation is very exciting because they can stay up late, go on vacations, have sleepovers, and enjoy a lot of other fun activities. However, summer can be a stressful season for most parents. While continuing their busy schedules, most parents spend months trying to find the best summer camp for their children. Now, many summer camps have listened to parents' requests and camp directors have created summer activities that fit the parents’ interests as well as the children’s needs.

There are LEGO summer camps and classes available for little big engineers. These camps were developed to help children learn and shape their futures at a very young age. The camps activities are for all different age groups and some of the activities consist of learning how engineers think and learning how to use simple engineering mechanisms while also having fun and enjoying the summer.

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