Utility Improvements Contract 3.1 Sanitary Sewer Pipe TV Inspections and Cleaning Project

As part of ongoing CWSRF improvements, KC prepared bid documents for Contract 3.1, Sanitary Sewer Pipe TV Inspections and Cleaning, and obtained the required authorizations from the NYSEFC and the Village of Wappingers Falls, led the bidding process, provided inspection services, and summarized results and recommendations in an engineering report.

The Village authorized Fred A. Cook, Jr., Inc., the Contractor, to perform Contract 3.1. The purpose of Contract 3.1 was to conduct a TV inspection of the remaining sewer pipes that have not been replaced or recently lined in order to identify optimal uses of the remaining CWSRF funds. Sewer cleaning was completed to provide access for the TV inspection. TV inspection was completed in 2017.

The Contractor provided reports and video logs of the pipeline assessment to the Village. The reports included detailed information about defects and observations witnessed during the TV video inspection, and every pipe run included a ratings summary. KC was present for the TV inspection work and watched the video footage in real time, along with the Contractor, for the purpose of assessment and coding. Coding was completed consistent with the NASSCO Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP). KC also developed an improved sewer map for Village use.

The TV inspection of the sewer pipes provided the ability to assess pipe condition and make recommendations for improvements. The results of Contract 3.1 were summarized in a report by KC. The engineering report and the detailed TV inspection report provided by the Contractor provided significant information for reference for planning of current and future capital sewer infrastructure improvements.

Collectively, the sewer improvement efforts continue to improve function of the Village of Wappingers Falls sewer system, reduce infiltration and inflow (I&I) in the sewer system and to the Tri-Municipal Sewer Plant, and extend the useful life of the sewer infrastructure.