Plattsburgh Streetscape and Riverfront Access Design Project

This project included engineering and design services to improve riverfront access and increase visitation, connectivity, and pedestrian traffic by designing sidewalk, lighting, and aesthetic improvements. The project area included Saranac River, located between Broad Street Bridge and the pedestrian footbridge, as well as 11 total streets, parks, and green spaces.

The scope of work included sidewalk and street improvements and widening, green space enhancements, implementation of traffic calming measures, lighting improvements, and additional design components.

As subconsultant, KC was responsible for determining current and estimated future downtown walkability conditions, providing design input and analysis for potential conflicts with parking and waterfront recreation, and reviewing project specifications and final design drawings. KC provided drawings in support of relevant permit applications and conducted Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Rehabilitation Act, and Title VI Conformance summaries.

KC also provided supplementary survey services to support development of construction drawings for the City as well as bid phase support services for development of technical specifications.