Engineering Solutions to Any Problem

Engineers have been solving problems for centuries; their creativity and problem-solving skills have paved the way to solutions that make our everyday lives better. Over time, engineers have stayed up-to-date with rapidly changing technology, allowing them to continue being innovators and find solutions to the daily problems we face in today’s society.

In the engineering world, engineers must stay ahead of the game in order to engineer themselves out of any challenges society might face, including:

  • Controlling the climate crisis to avoid potential catastrophe. Engineers are contributing to solving the climate crisis by developing new technologies to reduce the environmental issues created by humanity. For example, solar panels generate clean and pure energy from the sun and are one of the many technologies created by engineers.
  • Making water clean and accessible to prevent disease and death. Water is fundamental for our wellbeing and engineers are improving access to safe drinking water. Desalination and wastewater treatment are two of many technologies created by engineers to provide sustained sources of clean water.
  • Having a balanced food supply to keep up with the growing world population. The lack of food production risks can completely disappear with technologies created by engineers, including 3D food printing, vertical farming, and the Average Quantity System (AQS).

At KC, some ways our staff stay ahead of the game are by continuing their education, being active in their professional networks, and studying new concepts in their downtime. We all know that education doesn’t end after earning a degree; like every other career, engineers must stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in their industry.