Sunrise Highway (NY-27) Oakdale Merge Planning / Feasibility Study

As part of a Regional Design Services Agreement (RDSA), the project served to identify, evaluate, and document existing conditions and deficiencies and propose feasible conceptual alternatives to mitigate said deficiencies.

The project site experienced significant congestion and delays during peak travel periods, as motorists encountered recurring bottleneck in the eastbound and westbound approaches to Oakdale Merge.

The feasibility study described the highway facility and its role in the local and regional surface transportation network, defined existing operational issues and deficiencies, established the need for a capital construction project to reduce the issues, recommended and assessed various alternatives, and assessed the impacts of each proposed alternative.

The scope of work also included review of environmental impacts due to the site’s proximity to New York State of Department of Conservation (NYSDEC) wetlands and the Connetquot River State Park. The project required continuous coordination with the New York State Parks Department, NYSDEC, Suffolk County Department of Public Works (DPW), and the Town of Islip.

KC was responsible for developing detailed cost estimates for the alternatives identified in the feasibility study and performing HCS traffic analyses.