Engineering Ted Talks

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and is a nonprofit organization that specializes in sharing knowledgeable ideas based on research. This organization was founded in New York City 37 years ago on February 23, 1984 by Harry Marks alongside co-founder Richard Saul Wurman.  The organization began covering only technology, entertainment, and design topics, but now it has spread into covering all different types of topics. The organization holds a yearly conference and is available in more than 100 languages. The goal of TED Talks is for speakers to reach their targeted audience globally and educate them about specific topics with their powerful talks.

TED Talks are great ways to stay up to date with the latest highlights of the engineering industry. Many innovators are using the TED Talk platform to educate engineers and others interested in the topic. Here are three educational TED Talks for engineers:

  1. Speaker Joachim Horn is a mechanical engineer and the co-founder of the Imperial College Design Collective. His TED Talk is called “A Solution for Building a Generation of Inventors” and it covers developing news ideas for the future of engineering.
  2. Speaker Doris Kim Sung is a former biology student who turned her interest to architecture. Her TED Talk is called “Metal That Breathes” and it covers the use of certain materials in modern construction.
  3. Speaker Francis de los Reyes is a professor of civil, construction, and environmental engineering and Associate Faculty of Microbiology. His TED Talk is called “Sanitation is a Basic Human Right” and it covers important information about public infrastructure globally.

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