Stormwater Compliance Services for Montreign Casino Project

This project consisted of the regular qualified inspector compliance inspection required by the owner under the NYSDEC General Permit for Construction Activities. The project included the construction of a 65-acre site proposed to be the home of the Montreign Luxury Casino Resort Hotel, which is the core component of a larger resort overlay district that encompasses more than 1,500 acres of land.

KC was responsible for NYSDEC-required periodic site inspections to ensure compliance with the approved stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP). Responsibilities included application of the approved SWPPP and associated plans, details, specifications, and application of Best Management Practices to the constantly evolving conditions on the casino site, as well as the adjacent concurrent construction projects.

The special nature of this stormwater pollution prevention plan required waiver of the five-acre disturbance limit and the use of a chemical treatment system utilizing a specialized flocculation protocol to allow suspended colloidal clays to settle out prior to discharge. Semi-weekly reports were created to document the construction and identify areas requiring attention as well as best management practice recommendations for the owner’s contractor to implement in order to correct deficient site conditions to ultimately prevent permit violations.