Warwick Public Transit Garage Project

KC provided architectural and engineering services to complete the design of the Warwick Public Transit Garage, including the design of the prefabricated steel building, foundation, and slab on grade; plumbing systems; roof drainage system; heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; and other components. Additionally, KC is preparing technical specifications for the project to comply with all current code provisions.

KC committed to delivering a facility with both exceptional functionality and aesthetic appeal. Accordingly, special consideration was given to the rural character intrinsic to the area in addition to the building’s proximity to a main artery to the Village and its placement within the Town building complex.

This project was funded by grants from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the NYSDOT, which were awarded through Orange County. Therefore, the project required close coordination with both the County and Town as well as strict adherence to all FTA, NYSDOT, and local requirements affecting municipal construction projects.

This project was put out to bid, with Verticon Construction of Monroe, NY succeeding with a bid of $2,296,000. This bid is $1 million less than their previous bid on this project when it was first released as a design-build project, which the Town cancelled before releasing the design-bid-build project for which KC was selected. Considering this lower bid and adding KC’s design fee, the new project should realize the Town of Warwick a cost savings of $800,000.