It’s Our Anniversary!

This month we are celebrating the 38th anniversary of KC Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C. (KC).

If you are interested in a short history of our company, please read on!

KC is a diversified, multidisciplined consulting engineering firm. KC was founded on April 13, 1983 to provide our public and private sector clients with a comprehensive range of professional services using only the latest technical equipment. KC is an ever-growing company, with over 100 enthusiastic and proven professionals who possess the knowledge necessary to complete each task correctly. KC’s team of professionals are dedicated to the firm, possessing the needed commitment to complete hundreds of projects. We pride ourselves in always striving for excellence, with projects completed on time and within budget.

Rajashekar “Raj” Ravilla, P.E. is the President and CEO of KC and serves as the Principal-In-Charge of all KC projects. Raj has a master’s degree in structural engineering and possesses 35 years of regionally diverse experience planning, administrating, managing, and designing transportation projects such as highways, railways, and transit. Raj’s vision for KC is continued knowledge, commitment, and excellence on all projects.

A recent major event for KC was the consolidation of our former offices in Poughkeepsie and Circleville, NY into a larger, better-equipped Hudson Valley office in Newburgh, NY. This consolidation gives KC the opportunity to better support and fulfill the needs of our clients and provides us with more project opportunities as the company continues to grow.

Happy anniversary KC!