NYSDOT Maintenance Facility Oil Water Separator Project

The NYSDOT Maintenance Facility in Hauppauge, Long Island provides road maintenance and inclement weather service to a large stretch of NYSDOT roadway on Long Island.

KC recently designed a new salt storage building at the facility in an effort to improve functionality. For the main vehicle storage and maintenance garage, KC designed a multitude of improvements to assist with operations. An oil water separator system was designed to assist in the recovery of waste oil during vehicle maintenance and washing.

The system employs floor drains along the building aprons that collect drippings and wash water, and then pass it through an underground oil water separator tank. The separator is equipped with coalescing plates for proper separation, interstitial volume for leak detection, and alarms for full and high levels. KC also modified the building with the addition of new garage doors along one side to allow full passage-through access for vehicles and to improve overall usability of the existing garage space.

In addition to improvements to the existing maintenance facility building, KC designed new pad spaces for three new operations office trailers that will be installed on site. The pads include full footings and tie downs for the trailers, as well as new 100-amp electrical services for the building. KC also added a new vehicle cold weather preparedness area that provides electrical services to run truck engine block heaters during cold weather operations.