Return to Work Action Plan

In March 2020, as the situation with COVID-19 progressed, KC provided its employees with the option to work from home.

To help provide a safer working environment once KC employees return to our offices, supplies were procured, including face masks and gloves, disinfectants, and touchless sanitizer dispensers for our offices. In late June, KC Management issued a Return to Work Action Plan “to clearly communicate our plans moving forward, highlight workplace protocols in place to protect [employee] safety, and establish a level of comfort for all of our employees as we ask you to return to the office.”

New procedures and social distancing requirements that provide enhanced safety were outlined in advance of the gradual return of employees to KC offices beginning in July 2020. Safety remains the highest priority at KC, and while we have begun gradually bringing employees back to their respective offices as part of a partial reopen, circumstances could change again due to the still-evolving situation with COVID-19 and KC is prepared to return to remote work if needed to ensure the safety of our employees and clients.