How to Use Your Engineering Skills on Halloween?

Engineering skills can be very convenient for holidays like Halloween, as engineers are gifted with the quality and/or skills to design and build. Creating Halloween-themed engineering projects and/or costumes are great ways to showcase engineers’ creative side and engage in fun activities with their family and friends. So, if you are looking for some engineering-related fun Halloween activities and/or want to create your own costumes for this year’s holiday, read on!

Engineers can easily create homemade Halloween decorations and costumes that will make their homes and themselves spooky, but aesthetic. As Halloween approaches, here are some fun decoration and costume ideas that would be a great fit for engineers:

  •  A pumpkin elevator can be made with pumpkins and a variety of recyclable materials;
  •  Germinating pumpkins can be made with pumpkins, seeds, and soil;
  •  Floating ghosts can be made of plastic pipettes;
  •   Spider webs can be made from yarn; and
  •   Paper bats can be made from paper.

Now, if you want a bit of a challenge, then a costume suggestion that would be ideal for engineers to create is Edward Scissorhands. This costume can be made from lots of belts, preferably black with studs and big metal buckles; cheap black pleather that can be bought at any fabric store and sewn to a simple shirt and pants; butterknife hands made with well-fitted black knit winter gloves, in addition to toilet paper rolls, spray paint, a glue gun, and gray or silver plastic knives to design more accurate butterknife hands; and a wig and make-up to finalize the look.

Happy Halloween!