July 2020 Company Newsletter

KC’s July Newsletter includes a feature on KC’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Additionally, we explore the benefits and drawbacks of fewer cars traveling on our roads, celebrate employee milestones, and detail our newly awarded projects. Download KC’s Company Newsletter – July 2020 edition to keep up with KC’s latest news!

January 2020 Company Newsletter

This January, KC’s newsletter does a deep-dive into the history and processes involved in design-build, an efficient and increasingly prevalent project delivery method. Additionally, we celebrate employee milestones and new / renewed projects, explore a KC bridge project that is receiving acclaim from industry experts, discuss our internship program, detail employees’ pets and 2019 vacations, …

July 2019 Company Newsletter

This July, KC’s newsletter features an in-depth look into clean drinking water, advice for those who are pursuing licensure in engineering or surveying, a conversation with two employees who hiked through North America, project highlights, and more. Download KC’s Company Newsletter – July 2019 edition to keep up with KC’s latest news!

Infrastructure Week, Day 5: Roads

In the U.S., roads are an unavoidable part of our everyday lives. We use roadways daily to travel to and from work, school, social engagements, and more. So how do we deal with the issue of America’s crumbling roadway infrastructure? As the years go by, American metropolitan areas are stymied by traffic congestion. The average …