January 2022 Company Newsletter

KC's January Newsletter includes an expanded employee milestones section, a selection of favorite projects from several KC employees, details on KC projects that have recently won industry awards, a feature regarding changes to the website, new projects / shortlists, and more.

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July 2021 Company Newsletter

KC's July Newsletter features include KC staff perspectives on one of KC's largest projects as it draws to a close, a deep dive into the state of American infrastructure, and a look at an oft-overlooked civil engineering marvel that helped make the Apollo 11 mission a success.

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Infrastructure Week, Day 5: Roads

In the U.S., roads are typically an unavoidable part of our everyday lives. Many use roadways daily to travel to and from work, school, social engagements, and more. As the years go by, American metropolitan areas are increasingly stymied by traffic congestion. The average American spends 97 hours a year stuck in traffic. That’s over 12 full workdays! Meanwhile, suburban and rural areas are forced to contend with deteriorating road conditions as well as outdated and dangerous traffic configurations.

At KC Engineering and Land Surveying, P.C. (KC), maintaining and upgrading roads remains an important priority. Our civil engineers are skilled in parking lot and roadway design, and along with our traffic engineers they effectively and efficiently plan, design, and oversee the construction of intersection improvements, parking facilities, maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) plans, highways, utility relocations, site lighting, driveways and other roadways, curbs, and sidewalks so that the outcomes not only provide for smooth transitions but also for economically functional results.

With projects like Cross Westchester Expressway (I-287) Exit 8E Reconstruction, 5th Avenue Reconstruction, DeLavergne Avenue Reconstruction, and Milling and Resurfacing of Federal Aid Roads, KC strives to maintain the safety and commutability of area roads, because at KC we recognize the vital importance of roadway infrastructure.