South Street Pump Station Emergency Generator Replacement Project

The Village of Suffern owns and operates a pump station, located on South Street, as part of the sanitary sewer collection system. This pump station is the largest within the collection system and serves as the primary pump station. The pump station is located within the floodway of the floodplain, and received significant damage during Hurricane Irene, which also had a direct impact on the emergency generator.

KC was responsible for providing engineering consulting services for the project, which included performing site and existing condition investigations and preparing design documents, specifications, and the engineering cost estimate. KC also provided bid phase services, including preparation of bid and contract documents.

The scope of construction work included removal of the existing generator, all associated accessories, and the transfer switch; installation of a 150-kilowatt (kW) generator and automatic transfer switch; reconnection of the new generator to the existing control panels; and installation of all wiring, conduit, and appurtenances to and from the new generator to provide a complete and functional backup power generation system.

Holiday Summer Homes Project

The Holiday Homes Project in Hopewell Junction involves an electrical service connection design necessary for a new water treatment facility, including provisions for a backup generator system for use during emergency events.

The existing water treatment facility is an underground vault providing treatment and power the existing wells. Due to additional demand and storage requirements, an upgrade to the facility is needed. A new building is being constructed and a new electric service is being provided to that facility.

Electric service was sized and designed for future loading, with timers for automatic functionality. The generator was sized to provide only the required electrical loading needed for the water system, therefore minimizing the backup electrical system cost. The generator will be initialized by an automatic transfer switch to provide operator-free startup during power outages. Thermal calculations were also performed to size the electric heater without over sizing and increasing the emergency electrical loading.